Not just a temp service   

Keeper Staffing is locally owned and operated in Charlottesville, VA.
We recognize that every company’s operational needs
are unique, as is the job search for an individual.
Our focus is on providing customized workforce and
employment solutions.

We’re not just a temp service putting warm bodies
in cold places. We consider ourselves true placement
specialists. Our strategic approach can help you or your
company make connections that work.

What we deliver

  • Fast and effective response to requests
  • Thorough / In-depth screening process
  • Proven, high-performance employees
  • Quality service and employment at competitive rates
  • Satisfying employer/employee relationships

It’s very important that you service what you sell.
Therefore, Keeper Staffing & Recruiting puts great emphasis
on long-term relationships. We provide comprehensive
workforce and employment solutions, including
recruitment, retention and management services. Not
only do we meet our goals, we exceed expectations.